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Baltimore Health Coach
Wow! What a wonderful service Lucas and Richele provide!  I HIGHLY recommend them if you’re like I was, addicted to sugar and coffee, tired in the middle of the day, low energy, random aches and pains, and confused about all the conflicting information about healthy eating. They guide you to your next right step whether it’s only adding an extra serving of greens this week, or creating an entire overhaul of your eating habits.  They help you set realistic, do-able goals that fit your lifestyle and desires.  Awesome no pressure, no judgement environment, just respectful listening, helpful recommendations, and awesome results!
Richele Henry, AKA Sugar Momma, is a Certified Health Coach who helps guide her clients to integrate whole foods into their diet in a intentional, and surprisingly easy step by step process.  Her holistic approach helps you create a positive relationship with food and nourishment of all sorts!  I can’t think of a better way to bring vitality, balance, and fulfillment into your life!