Polestar Thought Healing


Welcome, and thanks for visiting Polestar Thought Healing!

What is a polestar thought?

    A polestar thought is a guiding principle, the highest ideal to help lead us where we want to be.  A guiding light.

At Polestar we take the time to listen to you about your goals for the session, and set our intention as your highest benefit. 

We step into each session with a joyful and positive attitude, knowing we are blessed to do the work we do. 

We are trained professionals, licensed by the State of Maryland, and well versed in many modalities of massage therapy and energy work. 

We are located within the Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center at 4803 Yellowwood Ave in Baltimore, near Sinai Hospital, by Cold Spring Lane, west of the Jones Falls Expressway.

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